Some of the people who contributed to the books and videos. Follow the link on each one to see their resource page.

Margaret Hart

K-3 Ideas

Leah Fontaine

K-12 Orienting to the Circle

by Reuben Boulette by student Willow Saunders

by Reuben Boulette … Willow Saunders

Kale Bonham and Keith Fulford

The Food Desert (9-12)




Erin Berschied

Think Local – Gardening

Asfia Gulrukh Kamal

K-12 Science, History, Agriculture, Creative Learning, and Literature.

E. Leigh Syms and Kevin Brownlee

Optimizing Resources – Archeology



Randy Herrmann

Numbers in Nature (6-12)



Melissa Delaronde, 

Lita Fontaine, and 

Amanda Normand-Telenko

The Garden and the Artist (K-4)